COVID Procedures

At Beauty by Eme - Mobile Beauty Service, I pride myself on ensuring that I continue to provide a 5-star service and hygiene that is and always is done to a high standard following COVID19 procedures.

This is my commitment to you and what is to be expected from myself and of clients.


I have attended COVID19 Health & Safety Training with both Barbicide & The Guild


Upon booking, every client shall be sent a consultation form via email. You shall be asked about if you have any of the following symptoms prior to treatment:

  • Continuous cough​

  • Loss of taste

  • Loss of smell

  • High temperature/fever

If you have any, your appointment will be rescheduled for 7 days later or when your lateral flow comes back negative. I work with the vulnerable and need to ensure that I am entering a covid-safe space.


  • All surfaces throughout my mobile kit will be cleaned regularly and wiped with the appropriate cleaning product between each treatment.

  • All items of equipment will be cleaned before and after every treatment. This includes all metal instruments, brushes, pedi bowls, and tweezers.

  • One-use disposable items will be used where necessary (sustainable alternatives kept where possible). All tools that are used on a client are individually packaged once they have been cleaned and disinfected. No dirty tools around here!

  • I shall need adequate ventilation within the area I am working with doors and windows open where possible


  • Upon entering your home, I shall be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) - face mask.

  • Clients and therapist are expected to wash hands before and after treatments. I shall also ensure to sanitise my hands in front of you.

  • Clients - please feel free to wear a facemask for protection if you wish. I shall always be wearing my face mask for extra precaution.

  • New set of PPE will be used for each treatment.

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